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New CD Release "On the Dancefloor"


The new album "On The Dancefloor" by Spark - the Classical Band celebrates its release on May 25th and is the stuff for wildly danced nights through all musical eras. In an unconventionally, lively way, a successful balancing act succeeds in an exciting classic crossover. A balancing act between exhilarating ballet music by a W.A. Mozart and the mighty Champer Techno, written by the contemporary composer Sebastian Bartmann. The interplay of the two worlds, which at first seem very contradictory, makes the new album the energetically pulsating work that hijacks its listeners on a direct path into a rush of sounds and rhythms.

CD Release "Facets of Infinity"


The new Spark CD "Facets of Infinity" will be released with Neue Meister / Edel on July 07. This concerto for Spark and Symphony Orchestra was written by Johannes Motschmann and has been recorded at concerts with the Frankfurter Opern- und Museumsorchester and conductor Sebastian Weigle at Alte Oper Frankfurt in October 2016.

Waves at Boundaries


On the new released album Waves at Boundaries by Johannes Motschmann, Andrea Ritter is playing the Paetzold Bass Recorder as a guest musician on the first track.  The CD has been released with label Neue Meister.