Bird’s Paradise

Andrea Ritter ︎ recorder
Daniel Koschitzki ︎ piano, recorder

Andrea Ritter and Daniel Koschitzki, known from Spark-the Classical Band, have developed their very own language and expression in their duo program Bird’s Paradise.

Courageously and radically, they place the most diverse genres and styles next to each other. Classical romanticism, contemporary avant-garde, minimal music, German chanson, songs of the 20s and jazz standards are woven together skilfully. This imaginative sound fable captivates their audiences from the first second to the last. Taking the compositions out of their familiar contexts and combining them both innovatively and associatively, they set fresh impulses. At the same time, they leave their audiences with a lot of room for their own imagination.

Ritter and Koschitzki have arranged most of the works of the programme themselves. They make use of the full sound range of the recorder from the square-shaped Paetzold Contrabass to the sopranino flute. Holding a concert soloist degree on both the recorder and the piano, Koschitzki mostly performs as a pianist in this program. However, every now and then he challenges his partner to a fiery flute duel. This is happening in Göran Månsson’s rousing Paetzold-duo Kubb Funk and Chiel Meijering’s Bird’s Paradise which lends its name to the title of the program. Other highlights include film music, written by the world-famous Brit Michael Nyman, impressionistic shades by Erik Satie, a Kurt Weill performance equalling a dance on a volcano, the powerful, intensive Ich liebe dich by Reinhard Mey and George Shearing’s groovy jazz evergreen Lullaby of Birdland.  

Bird’s Paradise guarantees an extraordinary concert experience. The il flauto dolce, the lovely flute, is celebrated with breathtaking virtuosity, charming wit and poetic melancholy. Furthermore the two upbeat recorder stars impressively demonstrate that they do not only master their instrument brilliantly but also have something truly new to say on their instrument. For good reason the program rose to an absolute audience favourite at festivals both home and abroad, for example at the Blokfluitdagen in Mechelen, Belgium and the International Recorder Festival in Montreal, Canada.

"Everyone longing for new recorder sounds should definitely make an excursion to the Bird's Paradise of Daniel Koschitzki and Andrea Ritter. The striking buildup of contrasting works, the skillful arrangements, the highest level of playing and the appealing presence of the two musicians indeed remind the listener of paradise-like conditions."
Matthias Maute, Ensemble Caprice / Director of the International Recorder Festival Montreal

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