Koschitzki & Ritter

Andrea Ritter ︎ recorder
Daniel Koschitzki ︎ recorder
Ricardo Magnus ︎ harpsichord/organ
Johannes Berger ︎ baroque cello

Daniel Koschitzki and Andrea Ritter, two of the world’s leading recorder players of the younger generation are united in an exciting new baroque formation. She, "the magic flautist" Badische Neueste Nachrichten with charm and finesse, was awarded the 1st Prize at the renowned International Recorder Competition 2007 in Montreal, Canada. He, "the Paganini on the recorder" Heilbronner Stimme with romantic timbre, was awarded with the 1st Prize at the International Solo Recorder Playing Competition in London, England in 2001, followed by a soloist debut in Wigmore Hall. When these two exceptional musicians enter into a musical dialogue, it is a breathtaking experience.

Ritter and Koschitzki are a well-established team. They belonged to the world’s best recorder quartet, the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet, from 2001 to 2007. As members of this group, they presented themselves at some of the most famous international festivals of early music, including Berliner Tage der Alten Musik, Tage der Alten Musik in Herne, Festival Oude Muziek in Utrecht, Netherlands, Trigonale in Klagenfurt, Austria and the Early Music Concert Series in Seattle, USA, Houston, USA and Victoria, Canada. With baroque ensemble Koschitzki & Ritter, they stand artistically on their own two feet since 2006. Accompanied by changing continuo instrumentations, they develop fresh and exceptional programs, to which they give their own individual imprint.
Baroque flamboyance, rich sounds and brilliant virtuosity flow together in the concerts of Koschitzki & Ritter. The two young recorder players fill their music with today’s lively emotions but do not lose touch of the historically informed performance practice. The two recorder virtuosos succeed at transforming baroque music into a sensuous experience for an audience of the 21st century. It is not for nothing that they were awarded 1st Prize for their impassionate interpretations at the International Händel Competition Göttingen in 2009. "Baroque music seldom conveys the feeling of walking through a forest and sensing the evening air all around one. But here it does!" Reutlinger General-Anzeiger

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